tesla-crash-2Electric cars have the potential to not only reduce consumption of fossil fuels and clean up the environment, but to quite literally save lives as well. The Tesla Model S is the safest car ever tested by the NHTSA, and a recent accident victim has stepped forward to describe how the electric luxury sedan allowed him to walk away without a scratch.

Going only by the name Joe, the Tesla Model S owner posted his story and pictures to the Tesla Motors Club forums, describing an accident that would have sent most people straight to the hospital. A woman paying more attention to her phone than to the road blew a red-light, hitting the Tesla hard in the front driver’s side, right on the quarter-panel.

The Hyundai hit the Tesla so hard that the two cars spun and collided again at the rear of the Model S, seriously damaging and possibly destroying both cars in the process. But whereas the Hyundai driver went to the hospital with major injuries, Joe walked away from his ride, obviously shaken but otherwise unhurt.

The Tesla Model S, which was the center of a controversy following a Seattle battery fire, has utilized its all-electric design to bolster safety all the way around. The battery fire was contained long enough to let the driver exit his car, and the crispy Tesla’s owner has said he’ll buy another. Even the battery pack, commonly considered a weak point in EV design, has been integrated into the structural rigidity of the Model S. The Tesla is so strong that during the roof-crushing test, it literally broke the testing machine.

Not only are electric cars a good way to go green, but they can literally save your life as well.

Source: Tesla Motors Club