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Suprine Motorcycles Rips Off Peraves, Hopes No One Notices (We Notice)

The Peraves Monotracer is a sublime exotic that delivers. The Suprine Exodus from Baltimore that made its debut this week does not deliver. It is nothing more than a terribly executed Peraves rip-off that isn’t worth the BMW K1200LT its makers had to cut up to make it with, let alone the ridiculous $55,000 asking price (I know, I thought it was a typo, too). See it here. You will laugh.

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Forget the Prius Effect- Here Comes The Matrix Effect

I was invited, at Ford’s expense, to attend their “Further With Ford” conference. We were treated to a delightful first-class event. However, let me preface this article with a caveat. I have always hated cars. My most recurring nightmare as a child was being chased by cars. My primary form of transportation is my electric motorcycle, because I value Freedom. The car comes in a distant 3rd, mainly reserved for road trips to the racetrack. If it weren’t for the money it makes on Relay Rides and Zimride, I’d probably sell it.

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