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EV1 + Honda Insight = EV2, An Electric Car With A 400 Mile Range

John Wayland’s drag racing electric Datsun, White Zombie, has graced these pages many times before. But Wayland is currently undergoing a project of a different kind, sourcing parts from GM’s original electric car, the EV1, and swapping them into a Honda Insight hybrid. The resulting car Wayland calls the Silver Streak, could go as far as 400 miles on a single charge.

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Recycled Hawtness: An 800 Horsepower Classic Electric BMW

Electric cars have been around since the first automobiles started being built en masse, but until recently it was up to DIYers to build an EV if they wanted one. While most DIY types focus on the practical aspects of an EV, others, like Mike Pethel, are more concerned with performance. That’s why he has created a unique and powerful electric vehicle based on a classic BMW 3.0 CS.

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