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800 HP Zombie 222 Electric Mustang Goes 174 MPH At The Texas Mile

800 HP Zombie 222 Electric Mustang Goes 174 MPH At The Texas Mile

When I was creating a new motto for GAS2, I choose “Burn Rubber, Not Gas” as it best describes my feelings towards alternative fuels; we can go green, and go fast, and all without burning gas. John Wayland and Mitch Medford feel the same way, and their 800 horsepower electric 1968 Ford Mustang recently went to the famed Texas Mile to set a record for the fastest production-based electric vehicle.

The Verge was on hand with an excellent, in-depth report to go along with this above video, and if you’re as into this sort of thing as me, both are pretty much required viewing. The piece gets in-depth with John Wayland, a legendary EV modified whose electric Datsun known as “White Zombie” is feared at many drag strips across the Pacific Northwest. His partner, Texas businessman Mitch Medford, has made it his mission to convert classic cars into supercar-beating machines, and they will do that with all-electric drivetrains through their company, Bloodshed Motors.

The crux of Bloodshed Motor’s first project is Zombie 222, an electric ‘68 Mustang whose name stands for “2 motors, 2 controllers, and too fast”, which seems appropriate given its 2.4 second sprint from 0 to 60 MPH and a claimed 10.7 second quarter-mile. The dual motors provide a tremendous 800 horsepower and 1,400 lb-ft of torque at 0 RPM. Not even the mighty Tesla Model S P85D could hope to keep up with this electric Mustang, but it’s not raw acceleration Medford set out to conquer.

John Metric, president of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) set the record for electric vehicles in the standing mile at 155 MPH, but Medford wants to go even fast. The classic car restorer wanted to take his electric Mustang as fast as possible in the standing mile, beating out famed Mustang modifier Carroll Shelby’s 170 MPH run many moons ago.
When the dust settled, Medford’s $200,000 Zombie 222 electric Mustang had blown past Metric’s record and even eclipse Shelby, crossing the mile marker at a tremendous 174.2 MPH.

From here, Medford and Wayland are aiming for 180 MPH, but realistically the next major milestone is at 200 MPH. Big Daddy Don Garlits is aiming to do 200 MPH in the quarter-mile in an electric dragster of his own design, but the Zombie 222 electric Mustang really turns the idea of muscle cars and electric vehicles on its head. If our website had a spirit car (you know, like a spirit animal), this badass electric Mustang would be it.

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