With the growing popularity of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, a growing number of accessories have hit the market. I took to Twitter to ask owners which Model 3 accessories are on their “must have” list. The responses did not disappoint.

1. Center Console Wrap. Due to the standard piano black interior option, which folks complain shows scratches, finger prints, and dust too easily, there are several options to wrap your center console. Performance Model 3 owner Kim P. chose this sleek white carbon fiber option from EV Wraps to compliment her all white interior.

2. USB Flash Drive. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the dash cam and Sentry Mode that allows you to capture video footage from your vehicle. To do so, you must insert a USB flash drive, formatted as FAT32, with a folder titled TeslaCam on it. For best results, use a drive of at least 128 GB that writes quickly, like this Samsung Fit Plus that writes up to 300 MB/second.

Samsung MUF-128AB/AM FIT Plus 128GB

3. Wireless charging pad. The Jeda Wireless pad immediately jumped in to fill the opportunity that Tesla missed by not making an integrated wireless charging solution. Made custom to fit the Model 3, this pad looks great installed. It can be configured to charge a single phone or two at once; and can be outfitted with an optional spacer to allow wired charging as well.

Jeda Wireless Pad

4. Screen Protector. This tempered glass, matte screen protector is highly rated and is sold by long time Tesla accessory maker Abstract Ocean. Their newest model, the Generation 3, includes 6 layers of protection and costs under $40. The below installation video provides the support you need to install this accessory yourself.

5. Noise Reduction Kit. For those that want to take the quiet drive of an electric vehicle to the next level, this BASENOR door seal kit gets you there affordably.  Simply install these seals around your doors and pillars to keep outside noises outside. Youtube user MotherFrunker has shared how to install this kit.


6. All-Weather Floor Mats. If you live anywhere that it rains, snows, experiences leaf fall or basically drive your vehicle outside of your garage, you’ll likely want some robust floor protection. All-weather floor mats are easy to clean and have varying degrees of protection depending upon the size and fit. Custom measured floor liners that extend up the sides are my favorite, as they provide the most protection. Tesla’s three piece set provides protection for the front and rear floors for $195.00. You can learn about another owner favorite, the 3D MAXpider, here.

Photo: Tesla

7. Charging Adapters. If you’ve purchased your Model 3 since May of 2019, the adapter that allows use of your Mobile Connector on a NEMA 14-50 outlet did not come standard. Pick one up on Tesla’s online shop for $35 and keep it in your trunk for a rainy day. This outlet is common in RV parks across North America, and a favorite for use at home. Order additional chargers if your home or places you frequent have other outlets, such as the 10-30, which was commonly used for dryers or electric ranges prior to 1996.

Photo: Tesla


What are your must have accessories? Let us know in the comments!