sackett-stIf you have $6 million dollars and you want to live in Brooklyn NY you can get a free Tesla Model S with your condo purchase.

Eitan Baron, president of ecofriendly property development company Greenstone, is offering a free Tesla Model S for whomever buys the 709 Sackett Street property reports Investor Place. The building comes with a garage, a nice perk in general, that by the time the building hit the market will be completely wired with a Tesla charging station.

Additionally, the Tesla Model S comes equipped with the 85 kWh battery and some fun additions including a $2,500 stereo system upgrade and the panoramic glass roof so you can see the NYC buildings while you ride in style. The Model S is valued at some $88,000 with all the applicable upgrades.

As for the building itself, it was constructed in the 1920s and once was a motorcycle repair shop (very cool!). The ecofriendly renovated building has four bedrooms and is 3,200 square feet, with such green features like a two story courtyard garden and special luxuries include a private deck and an outdoor kitchen (AKA a really sweet grill).

For a cool $6 million bucks this luxury condo can be yours. Baron says that the cost of the Tesla (about   $88,000 with all the upgrades) is not factored into the $6 million dollar price tag. So if you buy the building you are getting the car for “free”.

When I first heard about the “buy a condo get a car” sales pitch from Greenstone I thought it was a little odd but very unique (I am writing about it after all). It turns out this is not as odd as one might think especially in NYC. Back in 2009 Audis were being offered to buyers of condos at One Brooklyn Bridge Park for condos that cost over $2 million dollars. Smart Cars were being offered with purchase of smaller sized, yet still $65,000, parking spaces in Harlem. Even a free Toyota Prius was offered with purchase of a $400,000 condo in Brooklyn back in 2009, and more recently a Miami developer also offering condo buyers a Model S to call their own.

So what do you think, if you had the cash would you do it? Does the Tesla sweeten the deal? Sound off in the comments below.