I’m a big fan of the Model X. I attempted to explain how the (what I think are cool) falcon doors work here, and discussed Model X range here. While I certainly can’t afford one (not yet at least), I can still fantasize about what it would be like to own one. Where would I take my Model X? Would I let my kids anywhere near it or would I force them to ride in their mother’s car? What cool gadgets and Model X accessories would I buy? For those of you out there fortunate enough to own one of these beauties, here are five Tesla Model X accessories you should consider.

1. License Plate Mounting Holder

This license plate holder from ThatGrin, LLC is especially awesome because there are no holes to drill in the frame of your car. The holder attaches the mount to the outside of the bracket without blocking cool air intakes. It also gets great reviews!

2. Hot Wheels Model X Die-Cast Car

Alright, its not strictly “for” your Model X. That being said, how cool would it be to have a mini-version of your beloved car sitting on your desk at work or on a shelf in your office at home? It’s a bit more expensive than any Hot Wheels I’ve ever owned but hey, you drive a Model X, you can afford it!

Image result for model x hot wheels

3. Front and Rear Trunk Mat and 3rd Row Seat Back Protector Mat 

This set of mats from Topfit are made of high quality materials and are easy to install. Simply plop them down and fasten with Velcro to make them stick. They are custom made for both the 6 and 7 seat Model X versions to avoid any kind of hassle. No more messes in your trunk and 3rd row with these.

Tesla back seat protector

4. Wireless Charging Center Console

I really like the idea of wireless charging. I have no idea how it works, probably some kind of witchcraft or sorcery but the concept is great. This wireless charger from WJM is affordable, easy to install, and will also serve as a center console organizer. As an added bonus, it can be used in a Model S as well should you decide to downsize in the future.

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5. Custom Fit Model X Car Cover

Like any good American, I have a grill in my backyard. I have a generic grill cover that wasn’t really designed for my specific grill. It’s an absolute pain trying to get that thing on right. Don’t be like me. Order this custom fit cover for your Model X and avoid the trouble. While it isn’t the cheapest accessory on our list, it sure beats paying for a ceramic wrap or even a ceramic coating as we mentioned here.

Image result for CarsCover Custom Fit Tesla Model X SUV Car Cover Heavy Duty All Weatherproof Ultrashield Covers

What do our readers think about this list of magnificent Model X accessories? Anyone out there own any of these and have an opinion? Are there any other must-have accessories for the Model X that would would like to mention? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Tesla Motors and Amazon.com