So…I’m (allegedly) a man. As a man I’m naturally drawn to certain things. Two of the best and most entertaining things in life for me are sports and cars. This got me thinking: has the all-electric (EV) car craze managed to hit the sports world? Are there any professional athletes out there driving EVs today? As it turns out, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite sports stars and what EVs they can be seen around town in.

1. Steve Nash – Tesla Model S

This cool Canadian played 18 seasons in the NBA and was an eight-time all star. In addition to being recognized for his various philanthropic efforts, Nash is also a conservationist. His purchase of a Tesla Model S is an outward display of his concern for the environment and his commitment to doing his part to improve it.

2. Andrew Ference – Fisker Karma   

We profiled the NHL’s “Mr. Green” here. During his career, he could often be heard chatting with team mates about environmental issues and encouraging other players to eat organic foods. He was also one of the first buyers of the original Fisker Karma! Today Andrew is the NHL’s first Director first Director of Social Impact, Growth, and Fan Development.

3. Drew Brees – Tesla Model S

Drew Brees is a wealthy, wealthy man. His latest two-year extension with the New Orleans Saints is worth $50 million, with $27 million of that being guaranteed. One might suspect that Mr. Brees would opt for a Bentley or Rolls with all that money, but the star quarterback chose a Tesla Model S instead.  A good choice in my opinion!

4. Jeremy Guthrie – Chevy Volt

Former pitcher Jeremy Guthrie enjoyed an outstanding career with various teams that spanned two decades. In addition to being an early Toyota Prius driver, he was also quick to pick up a Chevy Volt when GM first released the line in 2011. For a man capable of affording much more expensive cars, his commitment to clean vehicles is praiseworthy.

5. Aaron Donald – Karma Revero 

As James Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer for Karma Automotive has noted, the Karma Revero is the car for the wealthy consumer who may want to stand out a bit. After signing a six-year $135 million extension with the Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald made a statement with his purchase of a Karma Revero. He also bought his parents a house and told them they could retire from their jobs. How cool is he?

Any additional athletes out there that drive EVs? Who is your favorite sports star on the list? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Sources | Images: Wikimedia Commons