It’s fair to say that I’m envious of Tesla Model 3 owners. While I love my Nissan Leaf, there is just something so cool about all of Tesla’s cars. If money were no object I would be a Model X owner but alas, I was born handsome and not rich (at least my mom says I’m handsome). A Model 3 however, is not out of the realm of possibility for me in the future. That got me thinking: what kind of gadgets and other accessories could I get to make my Model 3 even more fun? We found five must-haves for any Model 3 owner that are not only awesome but inexpensive as well.

1. Touch Screen Protector

There are two types of people in this world: people who have broken a touch screen and people who lie and say they’ve never broken a touch screen. I myself have broken an iPad, two iPhones, and an Amazon Fire Tablet. While you’re less likely to break the touch screen in your car, accidents can and do happen. This touch screen protector from Topfit is scratch and shock resistant, customized specifically for the Model 3 touch screen, and retails for just $20.99 on Amazon! A must have if you’re a klutz like me.

2. Frunk Cooler

In addition to being a klutz, I am also a certified party animal. I have a hard time resisting a tail-gate and am (almost) always up for a good time with friends. If I ever do get my hands on a Model 3, it will be obligatory for me to also buy this fantastic-looking cooler from EVANNEX. Customized for the “frunk” (front-trunk) of the Model 3, the cooler is portable and retails for only $49.99.

3. Model 3 Key Fob

Its not the cheapest of the must-haves but it sure is snazzy. This Model 3 key fob is designed to look like a miniature version of your Tesla and allows the owner to lock and unlock the car, open the trunk, and open the charge port remotely. While the $150 price tag is a bit steep, the cool box that it comes in makes it totally worth the price.

4. Dashcam with GPS

Whether you plan on posting videos of you driving in your Model 3 to social media or are just concerned about documenting any potential accidents, this dash cam from SpyTec is a must have. Featuring a 160 degree wide angle lens and a GPS logger, the camera is a steal at $99. The camera can record up to seven hours of footage at a time and can be delivered to your door in days if purchased on Amazon.

5. Wireless Charging Pad

Hate dealing with power chords when you’re driving? The┬áJeda Wireless Pad is what you need! Specifically designed for the Model 3 and retailing for $99, this neat little gadget plugs directly into your car’s front USBs. Once connected, the pad can charge two phones at a time and will prevent your phone from sliding around thanks to the rubber finish.

So what have I missed? Any must have accessories for the Model 3 that are not included in the list above? What do our readers think about the gadgets in this post? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

Source | Images: Google Images