If there is one thing I have learned in 5 years as a Tesla owner, it’s that most owners aren’t just owners, they’re enthusiasts. The Tesla community is unlike any I’ve been a part of; they are generous, smart, and always ready to chat! Whether in person or online, the worldwide community of Tesla owners has clubs for every taste. Here are some of the very best:

Official Tesla Owners Clubs

Chances are, there is an official Tesla-affiliated owner’s club near you. These clubs, which host social meetings and events, have grown in popularity as Tesla ownership has swelled in the wake of the Model 3. The Mid-Atlantic Club, for example, saw its ownership triple within a year, and decided to split into smaller regional clubs. Past events include supercharger ribbon cuttings, coordinated end-of-quarter delivery assistance pushes and outdoor picnics.

Tesla Motors Club

TMC for short, this online forum was the first, and claims to remain the largest, independent online community for Tesla enthusiasts. While Tesla’s own website includes a simplified forum, TMC offers a more robust forum experience. Features include search, user profiles and signatures, sub-forums, and more. It was founded by Daniel Sacks, who in 2006 had the foresight to know that Tesla and their recently unveiled Roadster was worth discussing. TMC has also hosted an in-person conference and expo called TMC Connect, which featured electric vehicle experts as guest speakers.


Tesla Model 3

Speaking of Facebook groups, a massively popular one is Tesla Model 3 group. With over 50,000 members and activity that can see 100 new posts in a day, this may be the largest Tesla social group around. Facebook groups like this one see posts about anything from Tesla related news articles to questions and complaints to humorous anecdotes about the day in the life of an EV owner.


Tesla Divas

This closed Facebook group of nearly 4,000 members prides itself on “Dispensing Information Very Accurately and Sympathetically” (D.I.V.A.S.) It has grown in popularly in part because members can feel safe asking questions or voicing concerns without being beaten down by overly aggressive “fanbois” or being mansplained to. That’s right, this group is specifically for females. Sorry guys! Members share pictures ranging from new vehicle delivery to scenes of their beloved Teslas as wedding transportation and ask questions ranging from simple (charging) to technical (suspected drive unit failure.)

Source: Tesla


Sounds of Silence Tesla Rally

While not officially a club, this annual event is attended by some of the most hard core Tesla drivers. The event sees owners from all across the country meet in Custer, SD for a combined show-and-tell/meet-and-greet downtown on a Friday evening, followed by a weekend of driving through the Black Hills. The 2020 event, to be held in May, will be the 7th annual of its kind. According to the Custer Chamber of Commerce website, over $5 million worth of Teslas descended upon town for this unique event. Indeed over 80 drivers, from California, Texas, Rhode Island and many states in between, made the trek to South Dakota for the 2019 event.

The first group of Teslas through the Needles Eye Tunnel on Saturday morning. •We had so much fun with Green Owl Media & Photography taking photos and videos of all the beautiful cars! 😍

Posted by Black Hills Sound of Silence Tesla Rally on Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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