I wrote about 5 gadgets that Tesla Model 3 owners might want to consider last month here. After doing so, I realized how left out other non-Tesla Model 3 all-electric vehicle (EV) owners must have felt. In order to atone for this, I’ve come up with a list of not-so-expensive items found on Amazon that any EV owner can enjoy!

Full disclosure: I don’t currently own any of these items but will be purchasing several of them soon, (please don’t tell my wife).

1. EV Charger Holster

I’ve been an EV owner for a little over two years now. It just dawned on me today that anytime I unplug my car, I just throw the charger on the ground, (which is annoying to walk over and probably not too good for it). This simple charger holster from BougeRV comes with a hook to hang the charging hook on and a nozzle holster. No more leaving the charger on the ground for me!

2. EVDoubler Charging Accelerator

I mentioned my reluctance to install a level-2 charger in my house here. I am after all, a terrible cheapskate. Fortunately for misers like me, the EVDoubler from EVDoctor offers a decent compromise. Simply plug your charger in, connect to two extension chords plugged in to seperate 120 Volt non-GFI outlets and your charging times will be nice and speedy. Unfortunately for misers like me who drive old EVs, it only works with newer models.

3. Real Men Drive Electric Cars Sweatshirt

If you’re like me you own an EV AND struggle on a daily basis to prove to the world that you are in fact, a man. This struggle can be put to rest forever however, by purchasing this stylish hoodie. Why leave things up in the air when you can make an such an important and emphatic statement?

4. Loud Car Air Horn

I love my car. I do have to admit however, the horn is a bit…wimpy. With this Air Horn from Patrol, I can let the world know that I’m an eco-warrior as well as an obnoxious jack-ass when I get behind the wheel. That’s what I call a win-win!

5. Electric Vehicle Parking Only Aluminum Sign

Hate pulling into the driveway and finding a gas-guzzler parked in your spot? With this heavy duty aluminum sign, you can ensure that potential violators know that they are asking for trouble by parking in the wrong place. I can see the fight I’m going to have with my wife in my head now: “Of course I had your car towed honey, didn’t you see the sign?!”

What do our readers think about my list of affordable EV-centric gifts? Any of these that you would consider purchasing personally? Any others out there that you would recommend? Please leave a comment or two and let us know.

Source | Image: Amazon.com and Picpedia.com