With brush-mounted electric motors planted in the hub of each of its wheels, the UBCO 2WD electric cargo bike from New Zealand offers superior power, performance, and traction- but is really enough to redefine the way people work and play outdoors?

The bike’s makers- designers Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal- certainly hope so, since redefining such-and-such is literally their stated goal. Still, it’s worth noting that there are very few all-electric bikes that are worth a damn off road- and even the best of those (the KTM Freeride, if you’re wondering) can’t match the UBCO’s 200 kg cargo capacity and 2WD traction when the trails get really treacherous.

Besides, how much fun are cargo bikes!?

The UBCO 2×2 2WD electric cargo bike can go up to 150 km (90-ish miles, give or take) on a single charge, and offers brisk acceleration along the way, thanks to the 3 HP engines and lightweight, utilitarian frame. The bike’s batteries charge to full capacity in about four hours, and can also be used to power electric tools in the field.

It’s that last feature, the ranch-friendly battery, that Clyde and Neal hope will make their first run of 100 UBCO 2x2s to sell out quickly. To find out more about this Kiwi-made, all-electric cargo bike, watch the bike’s promotional video, at top, and check out the UBCO website using the source link at the bottom of the page.


UBCO 2WD Electric Cargo Bike

Source | Images: UBCO bikes, via TechVehi.