When we first covered Genovation’s GXE electric Corvette project back in 2016, we I did so with a lot of reservations. Who could blame me? It cost a full three-quarters of a million dollars, promised more than 600 WHP, and would do a claimed, pie-in-the-sky, bats*** insane 205 MPH. Well, a year on and it looks like the finished product is ready. Except, now, it makes more than 800 HP, and will very likely do an IMRA-certified 220 MPH. No mean feat- and I can assure you from experience!

“Holy s***balls!” is right!

There’s almost nothing to criticize about the Genovation GXE Corvette, either. At least, on paper. The GXE will reportedly feature a 60-kWh battery pack good for 130 miles of driving between charges. The battery and motor(s) are arranged to give the electric Corvette a nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution, too, so there should be no ill effects on the car’s handling, either.

As exciting as the prospect of an all-electric American super car are, it’s important to remember that no one has actually gotten one to play with, yet. So, until they’re in customer hands and performing as promised, I will reserve judgement. But I will say this: we’re just a few hours in, and 2018 is already looking like it’ll be a kicka** year!

Check out the Genovation produced promo video for the new car, below, than follow up with us again after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for more updates. Enjoy!


All Electric Corvette | Genovation GXE

Sources | Images: Autoblog, Motor 1.