It comes with traction control, switchable ABS, 3 Rider Modes, 220mm of smooth suspension travel, and a second generation 95PS 800cc triple engine tuned to provide a linear, seamless flow of torque on loose surfaces. As such, the new for 2018 Tiger has- on paper, at least- the goods to take on the world.

And, by the world, I pretty much mean the new (ish) Honda Africa, Ducati Multistrada, and the big BMW Adventure bikes. But, you know, mostly the Honda- and I say that because I really think I want to buy the Honda, but have you looked at a Triumph, lately?

If you haven’t, you really should. They’re building great bikes.

Triumph will show off the new Tiger, for real, at the upcoming 2018 EICMA show. Until then, Total Motorcycle posted a few pictures that you can check out by clicking here, and you can see a bit ore of the bike in the company’s official teaser video, below. Check it out, then us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


New For 2018 Triumph Tiger Triple | Teaser Video

Sources | Images: Triumph, via Paul Tan and Total Motorcycle.