Electric motorcycles are not my thing. Motorcycles still taste like freedom to me, whatever that means, and I don’t like the idea of short range and long charge times attached to a bike. I feel like we should get those things out of the way before I tell you anything else about the California Scooter Company’s new City Slicker electric motorcycle. So, do we all know where I’m coming from? That’s good, because: I think I might love the CSC City Slicker.

I don’t want to bury the lede, so here goes: the new CSC City Slicker electric motorcycle can be yours for $1995. At that price, it costs significantly less than any of the Zero or BMW electric bikes. Crucially, however, it’s also less than the Honda Grom— and the Grom is this bike’s natural competition.

The Honda Grom– as wonderful and popular as it is– isn’t a motorcycle. It’s not a scooter, either. Instead, it’s sort of a banzai little traffic-blaster, but there is a chink in its armor. Despite the low gearing in its manual transmission, there is no way of hiding the fact that the Grom has only 125 ccs worth of engine pushing it along. It needs to rev to build torque, and it needs what torque it can muster to zip its way through thick urban congestion.

The CSC City Slicker? With all of its electric torque available at 0 RPM, it should be more than capable of darting into any opening its rider can spot. Like, NOW.

Appearance-wise the City Slicker is on target, as well. Which is to say that, if you like the way the Grom looks, you’ll like the way the City Slicker looks. I think that holds true even if you know the trellis frame is fake and the paint covering the plastic is a little cheap.


CSC City Slicker | Even the Dash Looks Good

The range isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s enough. According to Micah Toll at Electrek, who actually reviewed the bike, “At 37 mph (60 km/h), the range is estimated at 37 miles (60 km). Slow down even further to 20 mph (32 km/h) and you’ll get a ‘whopping’ 62 miles (100 km) of range.”

On a bike this size, I don’t want to ride further than 60 miles. Heck, I probably wouldn’t want to go further than 20 miles– but that’s part of the appeal of the thing. It’s not for that. Go buy a Gold Wing Valkyrie if you want to see the world by motorcycle. If you want to commute into Chicago from Oak Park, though? This might be your electric motorcycle, right here.


Source | Images: California Scooter Company, via Electrek.