2017 Chevy Spark Activ Crossover

With crossover vehicles and tall wagons making up two of the fastest-growing segments in the industry, it’s no surprise that Chevy is trying to get in on that action. Which is why the company just launched the 37 MPG, 2017 Chevy Spark Activ crossover you see here.

That’s right, kids. Despite the fact that Chevrolet dealers already offer the tiny, Chevy Spark-based Trax mini-ute that we drove last year, they’re getting another Spark-based pseudo-SUV. To me, the new for 2017 Chevrolet Spark Activ seems like a brilliant move.

As you can see, below, Chicco’s rear-facing seat fits well enough in the Chevy Spark (Activ or otherwise). The folding stroller that the seat locks into deal fits snugly in the rear, too, along with a decent-sized diaper bag. Stuff fits in a hatchback. That’s not news. Here’s the thing, though: that stuff does not fit in the Chevy Trax.


2017 Chevy Spark Activ | it Will Baby

Basically, if you want to carry any kind of stroller in a Chevy Trax, you’re going to have to fold the seats down, which means this supposedly “smart” SUV is, at best, a 1-kid conveyance. As I wrote about the little city car back then:

In all my years of buying, renting, and test-driving cars, that’s simply never happened. Tiny cars like the Mitsubishi iMiEV and Mirage easily accepted an umbrella stroller. Even cars like the compact Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, and even Chevy’s own Sonic and Spark had no trouble fitting an umbrella stroller- or even the bigger strollers!- into the trunk. For the Trax to fail here is totally unforgivable.

It seems like someone at Chevrolet agreed. Agreed enough, at least, to ensure that their dealers had a tiny, SUV-like transportation appliance on the ground to sell to young families, even if the Activ takes a 4 MPG hit compared to the “standard” 41 MPG Spark. Here’s hoping the Spark Activ ends up in my test fleet soon, too- because the last time I drove a Spark around town it was stupid fun!


Source | Images: Chevrolet, via Autoblog.