Ever since Ford announced it is switching from steel to aluminum for the cabs and bodies of its best selling F-150 pickup trucks, the marketplace has been buzzing with questions about the company’s Super Duty models. Would they be made from aluminum as well?

The Super Duty is Ford’s signature pickup truck. Not only does it have a beefier frame and a more powerful engine for greater carrying and towing capacity than the standard F-150, it also is deliberately styled┬áto convey a┬ásense of macho toughness. Would people looking for ruggedness accept a vehicle made from aluminum?

Ford has done its market research and decided the answer is yes, aluminum and Super Duty are words that go together just fine in the minds of prospective buyers. And so Ford has announced that its toughest, baddest trucks will also be made of aluminum just like their little brothers starting in model year 2016. That means the 2015 Super Duty models will stick with steel for now.

Using aluminum shaves more than 700-lbs off the weight of Ford’s pickup trucks. Saving weight raises fuel economy. An aluminum truck will consume hundreds of gallons less fuel over its lifetime compared to its steel bodied predecessors, which is good for the owner’s wallet and also good for the environment. Apparently, Ford has decided that the folks who buy its Super Duty trucks will be happy about both those things.

Source | Image: Ford