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2015 Yamaha MT125 is Gunning for Honda Grom

2015 Yamaha MT125 is Gunning for Honda Grom

2015 Yamaha MT125

You’re a young, exciting person. You’re an urban professional. You’ve been pedaling to work for a while, now, but you’ve put some money away and you want something a little- well, more. More speed. More power. More fun. What do you do? For a while now, the answer to that question has been, “Buy a Honda Grom.” For 2015, however, Yamaha hopes your answer will be “Buy a Yamaha MT125.”

The 2015 Yamaha MT125 is based, mechanically, on the sporty R125 learner-bike the company sells overseas, but Yamaha changed the seat, fuel tank, handlebars, and more to give the MT125 a more stable, upright riding position more suitable for commuter duty.

Even with its full-size look and feel, however, there is still some doubt as to whether Yamaha will bring the fight for the commuter market to the Grom in the US. Here, the MT brand isn’t all that well established, and- let’s face it- the Honda Grom is probably still too new and too awesome to be knocked off its perch by a bike that’s so … let’s say “conventional”, which is hardly the type of thing you’d have said about a bike like the MT125 two years ago.

Such is the state of things in a post-Grom world.

For its part, however, the non-electric 2015 Yamaha MT125 sports a powerful, 14 hp engine and a generous 3-gallon fuel tank that should take you nearly 300 miles between fill-ups. Combined with aggressive styling and an XL-friendly frame, it should be a thing. You can see more of the bike at Asphalt and Rubber, which has a full Yamaha press gallery, but I’ve picked out my favorite pics, below. Enjoy!


Source | More Photos: Yamaha, Asphalt and Rubber.

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