2015 F 150 Infograpic

Ford has stolen the headlines in the truck world lately by announcing its 2015 pickup trucks will be significantly lighter, thanks to the extensive use of aluminum. A new SuperCab is said to tip the scales at around 4900 lbs, which means a standard cab truck should weigh in around 4500 lbs.

There is some controversy over whether the new truck should be weighed with the 5.0 liter V-8 or the 25 lbs lighter 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6. But no matter how you figure it, the new F-150 is going to come off the assembly line with at least 700 fewer pounds to lug around.

How did Ford accomplish this minor miracle? Check out the infograpic above to see what elements go into the new truck and where they are used. A second infographic, below, provides more details. The ‘Quiet Steel” referred to is supplied by Material Sciences Corporation and eliminates about 16 lbs of typical sound insulation materials and mastic.

Ford F 150 Infographic

Finally, the steel chassis of the new F 150 is trimmed more than 60 lbs by increasing the use of high strength steel from 22% to 77%. The frames are supplied by Metalsa, which makes the frames from “tailor-rolled blanks” – sheets of metal that can be shaped in varying thickness. This reduces the total amount of steel used while maintaining needed rigidity. See the photo of the new F 150 frame below.

F 150 Inforgraphic 2

Last week,, we suggested that the race is on to bring the first pickup truck to market that gets 30 mpg or better. It looks as though Ford is well on its way to claiming that prize.

Source: Jalopnik