2015 Buell 1190 SX

Erik Buell isn’t messing around with his new 1190 SX. The bike’s liquid-cooled, 1190cc V-twin is supposedly good for more than 180 HP with more than 100 lb-ft of peak torque (the best torque in its class, according to Buell). The new 2015 Buell 1190s also boast impressive fuel economy, even for a bike, at over 51 MPG on the EPA’s highway cycle with emissions that are less than 25% of those “allowed”.

Buell was able to pull off these tricks with a pair of innovative new technologies …


Buell Controlled Swirl Induction


The first comes of Erik Buell’s engine tricks happens in the head, and comes from a specific type of swirl (“Controlled Swirl Induction”) that’s induced in the air entering the combustion chamber allows the 2014 / 2015 Buell’s ET-V2 engine (for “East Troy, V-Twin”).


Buell Quarter Wave Tuner


The EV-V2’s second trick takes place just after the exhaust manifold. “Our engineers found that a secondary resonator has a large benefit to helping a V-twin make power and mid-range,” say EBR’s materials. “The resonator provides an opportunity for a quarter-wave tuner that adds mid-range performance while meeting noise regulations.”

Even with all the trick engine bits and Buell’s legendary chassis engineering, however, the best thing about these new EBR street bikes has to be the fact that they actually carry reasonable price tags, all things considered. The 2015 Buell 1190 RX is expected to retail around $18,990, with the more upright, “naked” Buell 1190 SX coming in a bit under that.

No word, yet, on when (or even if) we should expect a hybrid electric version of Buell’s latest streetbikes. Although, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep hope for an even meaner and greener 400 HP Erik Buell Racing bike to show up at EICMA in a year or two, right? Right.


Sources | Photos: Asphalt and Rubber, Cycle News.