2014 Honda CG110

The 2014 Honda motorcycle line-up is shaping up to be one the brand’s best in decades, and the over-arching trend is clear whether you’re looking at the 1800 cc Honda Valkyrie or the diminutive Honda Grom 125: the future is small-displacement motorcycles. With that in mind, it could be argued that the most significant new 2014 Honda motorcycle isn’t the trimmed-down power-cruiser or the hot-selling and genre-defying Grom, but is, instead, the new-for-2014 Honda CG110, set to debut in Nigeria early next year.

Honda’s new CG110 is built around a durable, air-cooled 110 cc single with corrosion-resistant drum brakes, easy-to-fix wire wheels, and readily-available headlight, turn signals, and “universal” looking mirrors. All of that serves to make the bike a solid investment in a third world country, where the 460-ish Euro asking price (about 630 USD) represents a significant percentage of a customer’s yearly income.

As a go-most-places, do-most-things commuter bike, the CG110 seems like a great buy- especially with Honda quality and at that price. It’s a pity, then, that Honda will probably never bring this 55 MPH, 100-ish MPG motorcycle stateside … even at twice the price. Which raises the question: if they did, would you buy one?

I think I’d be a player on a US-market CG110, especially with this oh-so-eighties aesthetic in play. If they kept the price around $1499, I’d probably buy two! What do you guys think- will this little commuter bike play in Peoria, or is this a third-world only sales move? Let us know what you think, in the comments.


Source | Photos: Honda, via Motorpasion.