Yamaha-electric-bike-PAS-AmiYamaha’s electric bikes did well enough this year that Yamaha Motors is expanding their lineup for 2012 by another five models. The new electric assist bicycles – 2012 MY – will go on sale on January 30th.

The common point for all new models is the easy battery level tracking system; until 20% charge is reached, the battery level is shown in increments of 10%. Below 20%, the battery level is shown decreasing in increments of 1%. Yamaha is also offering a 2-year warranty on the battery, and a 3-year warranty on everything else, hoping to recreate and improve on the popular aspects of their 2011 models.

Five New PAS Models in Total

The new target demographic is women in their 20s, for whom Yamaha has designed the PAS Ami. The bike comes in light pink and has increased battery capacity (from 4.3Ah to 6.6Ah). Yamaha also introduces the stylish PAS CITY S, which runs along the same lines and has 27-inch tires.

Yamaha designed a new frame to make getting on and off the bike easier (very handy when wearing a skirt!) for the PAS Natura sub-series. The PAS Natura S is the base model, with a 6.0Ah battery, while the PAS Natura M also sports the 6.6Ah battery in the same size case. Rounding out the Natura line and Yamaha’s new offerings is the PAS Natura M Deluxe.

If you’re in Japan, you can get one of the PAS 2012 models for a price ranging between 99,800 yen (about $1280 USD) and 108,000 yen (about $1390), battery and charger included.

Source: GreenCarView | Image: Yamaha Motors.