The McLaren P1 hybrid supercar not only boasts more than 900 horsepower, but for all the technology and power crammed into it it’s also a lightweight car as well. Tipping the scales at just under 3,300 pounds though, there’s still room for a diet, and McLaren is reportedly rolling out 20 carbon fiber body kits for P1 owners looking to shed some weight, if a leaked brochure from exotic car collector Manny Khoshbin is to be believed.

Carbon fiber body kits are nothing new, as gearheads have been building whole bodies out of carbon fiber for cars as diverse as this first-generation Chevy Corvette or the 2015 Ford Mustang. But the McLaren P1 is a step above either of those, and although the body panels are made from a strong but light carbon composite, a full carbon fiber body kit has been on many owners wish lists. Now, for a lucky few, an all carbon-fiber P1 can be had.

At the moment only the unique 90 kilogram Monocage, which includes the roof, battery housing, and lower structures, all of which houses the passenger compartment in light-but-strong safety. Just how much weight a full carbon fiber body might shed isn’t mentioned, though the rumored $200,000+ price tag is more about status than performance I have to believe.

Carbon fiber is becoming more and more commonplace in the automotive world. Elon Musk reportedly spoke to BMW about using the lightweight material in place of the aluminum Tesla currently favors. As for McLaren, one has to wonder why the full carbon fiber treatment wasn’t provided from the get go.

Maybe they just know that the kind of gearheads who buy a McLaren P1 are also the kind willing to dole out an extra $200,000 for a carbon fiber body kit later on down the road.

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