Americans love to go fast, which may be one reason why some people are so resistant to going off of oil. But there are cleaner, greener ways to go fast, like the 1,500 horspower natural gas-powered Maxximus LNG 2000.

An all-aluminum V8 engine uses both liquefied and natural gas to produce upwards of 1,500 horsepower. The Maxximus LNG 2000 is the successor to the Maxximus G-Force, the brainchild of David Bruce McMahan and Marlon Kirby. They’re also working on a 2,000 horsepower version called the Prodigy that will run exclusively on LNG. To clarify, CNG and LNG are two different methods of staring natural gas, and it would appear that Maxximus is exploring both methods as a means of propulsion.

While the green credentials of natural gas may still be up in the air, anything is better than shipping foreign crude oil from thousands of miles away. Natural gas also has the attention and appeal of many conservatives as a replacement for oil, one of the few green spots in their otherwise black (as oil) energy portfolio. So how do we reach these people, who don’t care for electric cars?

A 1,500 horsepower green supercar running on the most American of fuels is a good start. Throw in Playboy Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk, and you’ve got some serious green attention grabbing. I would love to see more of American green supercars (and more of Ms. Dworaczyk too.)

More than that, I want a major OEM like Ford, GM, or Chrysler to produce a CNG-powered muscle car, especially since there are ways of making more power on natural gas or, even better, propane (which is also more widely available.) That will grab the attention of people who might not otherwise consider a “green” car, and those are the people who we most need to reach. The American flag paint job and Playboy Playmate certainly help too.

Source: Inhabitat via Car Art McMahan

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