First teased back in February, the Finnish Toroidion was supposed to be a 1300+ horsepower hyper-exotic capable of running down anything this side of an NHRA Funny Car without burning a drop of gas or oil. When the first, darkened images appeared back then, it was easy to dismiss the project as little more than typical, hyper-exotic vaporware.

It is, apparently, more than that.

The 1MW Toroidion super car was recently shown to Russia’s RT News, and it seems to be a well-sorted proof of concept, at least! The prototype features smooth, tight-fitting composite body panels with plenty of stylish (if somewhat derivative) curves, a slick, motorsports-inspired interior, and a potentially decent range with this much battery power behind it. The Finnish ride also offers rapid battery-swap technology built in, which could give it something of an advantage over cars like the CPO Tesla Roadsters in the event that the concept ever reaches production. And, you know, that they sell enough of them to put battery swap stations pretty much everywhere.

Yeah, you know what? The Supercharger thing Tesla’s doing is much, much smarter- even if 20-30 minutes is a long time to wait for your car to gas up.

While you discuss the relative merits and potential pitfalls of battery-swap tech vs. electric quick-stop stations in the comments section, take a few minutes to watch the Toroidion’s makers talk it up on RT’s video, at top, and check out some of the car’s swanky curves in the gallery, below. Enjoy!


Toroidion Supercar

Source | Images: RT, via TechVehi.