In a nod to all you speed demons out there, we brought you this list of the 9 fastest electric scooters last month. Worry not electric bike enthusiasts, we didn’t forget about you. In an effort to make up for neglecting you for so long, we wanted to provide an even longer list. Here we present to you the 11 fastest electric bikes that you can buy right now.

For purposes of this article, we will define “electric bike” as we have in the past as: a bicycle that gives the rider the option of using an integrated electric motor to assist with propulsion. All electric bikes must come with pedals, otherwise they can be classified as motorcycles or mopeds. Electric bikes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power the electric motor.

11. Karmic Koben – 28 miles per hour


Kicking off our list of the 11 fastest electric bikes is the Koben from Karmic. In addition to good looks, the Koben comes with a powerful MAX mid-drive motor, proprietary Karmic Battery, and a Smart Charger. This bike is specifically designed to handle hilly urban terrains like the ones found in Seattle or San Francisco. The price can’t be beat as well!

10. Moto Parilla Carbon – 28 miles per hour

Image result for carbon bicycle caterham

The Carbon from Moto Parilla is quite the spectacle to behold. With ultra-fat tires and a frame like nothing you’ve ever seen before, this bike is sure to turn a few heads. I especially like the futuristic design of this bike. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve seen before.

9. Specialized Turbo – 28 miles per hour

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The good news is that the Turbo from Specialized is attractive, has an astounding 80 mile range on a single charge, and will give you a smooth ride that is second to none. The bad news is that it will set you back to the tune of $13,500 (which is more than I paid for my car by the way). If you’ve got the cash and are serious about riding, this is the bike for you!

8. Luna Cycle Apex – 35 miles per hour

Luna Apex

The Apex from Luna Cycle is one heck of a ride. This bike gets great reviews, as does the company for their excellent customer service. I like the fact that Luna Cycle offers the customer an array of options to customize their bicycles with, from higher capacity batteries to a more powerful drive train. This one is a winner!

7. Vintage Electric Tracker – 36 miles per hour

Image result for vintage electric tracker

How cool is this thing? It looks like an awesome throwback to the 1920s only capable of ridiculous speeds. If I owned this baby I would pretend to be a moonshiner running from the fuzz during prohibition. So…while it’s not the most expensive electric bike on our list, the $6,000 price tag is a little bit out of my range. Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

6. Outrider Horizon Trike – 40 miles per hour

Horizon (Off-Road) | Pedal + Electric (L)

I want to give a big ‘ol shout out to my Uncle Dan who has been riding recumbent bikes for decades. I wonder if he’s seen this bad boy? All of Horizon’s “vehicles” as they put it are built specifically for adventure. The Outrider is no exception. I get the feeling that this bike can definitely handle more urban settings, but it probably shines brightest in the great outdoors.

5. LA Ebikes Edge Pro – 45 miles per hour


Probably the smallest electric bike on our list, the Edge Pro is also one of the fastest. Based out of Los Angeles, LA Ebikes has knocked it out of the park with this offering. The Edge Pro features a 1500 watt rear motor and a 48v battery. There’s no way this thing is legal!!

4. M55 Terminus – 50 miles per hour

Here we go…time to separate the men from the boys. Hungary’s M55 has labeled the Terminus its first “superbike” and it’s not hard to see why. Sporting a 2.2kW motor, the Terminus is capable of ridiculous speeds. It also comes with a ridiculous price tag. You can always sell a kidney or two if you’re really interested…

3. Stealth B-52 – 50 miles per hour 

Image result for stealth electric b-52

In addition to sharing its name with the iconic airplane, the B-52, this electric bike is nearly as fast! Okay, so maybe not quite as fast but still capable of tremendous speeds. The B-52 is a bit heavier than most of the electric bikes on our list, which assures you that it is durable. One look at the company’s website and you can tell that the B-52 was designed for the dirt and snow of the outdoors as opposed to the asphalt of the city. One thing is for sure: this bike looks like a whole lot of fun!

2. HPC Bikes Revolution AT – 50 miles per hour

Image result for hpc revolution at

The HPC in HPC Bikes stands for High Performance Cycles. Their Revolution AT is certainly a fine example of how this company from Chatsworth, CA continues to live up to its name. With an optional 3000 Watt power system, a range of over 100 miles on a single charge, and the ability to go from 0 to 30 miles per hour in just over 6 seconds, the Revolution AT is a force to be reckoned with. I’m impressed that this bike only weighs around 79 lbs. I also really like the fact that all design and manufacturing is done in the U.S.A. with all final assembly actions being done in house.

1. Nyx X14 – 60 miles per hour


The undisputed champion of our 11 fastest electric bikes is the Nyx X14. Canada’s Nyx Bikes has been in business for over 25 years and their stated goal is to provide the best possible products to their customers. According to the company’s website, the: “Nyx X14 electric bike is there when you need that adrenaline rush to remind you that you are alive.” This is good. Everyone needs to be reminded once in a while. With a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour and a 0 to 31 miles per hour acceleration time of 4 seconds, the X14 is in a class all of its own. Just be careful out there dear readers…

What do you think about this list the 11 Fastest Electric Bikes? Anyone out there own any of the electric bikes mentioned above and care to comment? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Source | Images: Karmic Bicycles / Moto Parilla / Specialized / Luna Cycle / Vintage Electric Bikes / Outrider USA / M55 / Stealth Electric / HPC Bikes / Nyx Bikes / OSET Bikes via