If you’re a fan of the sort of steampunk, art-deco styling seen in Metropolis or the old Ayn Rand novels, you are going to love the car I’m going to introduce today. Meet the Hispano Suiza Carmen– a car with a century-old name that’s steeped in gear head heritage with styling that wouldn’t seem totally out of place in a 1930s Grand Prix race car, the Carmen promises to be unlike any of the other supercars in the parking lot of you condo in Monaco. I’m just assuming you live in Monaco, because, in addition to the heavy name, the car carries a hefty 1.5 million Euro price tag.

I guess you could live in Dubai, too. Maybe central London.

In any event, 1.5 million Euros is a whole lot of money. That’s the bad news. The good news, however, is that the new Hispano Suiza Carmen is a whole lot of car, with a whole lot of horsepower pushing it forward. Fully one-thousand nineteen (1,019) horsepower, if you believe the company’s press releases. And, with a clocked 0-60 MPH time of less than three seconds, there’s hardly any reason to doubt them!

So, the performance is there. That’s a plus, but it’s not the only plus. Your hard-earned money also buys you an utterly unique styling package with bodywork and interior details that give a nod to the past while still looking utterly modern. And to be fair, it is an utterly modern car, featuring a Formula 1-style carbon fiber monocoque chassis, ultra lightweight body panels, and an 80 kWh battery capacity (105 kWh is optional). All in, that lightweight body and advanced 80 kWh battery pack conspire to give the car’s lucky owners just a tick under 250 miles (400 km) of all-electric driving per charge. That’s a long time to appreciate the high-contrast digital dashboard, as well as the old-world touches like the hand-stitched leather and GORGEOUS zebrano wood dash.

You can say what you will about whether or not any car can truly be “worth” a million dollar price tag, but I think you’ll agree that the Hispano Suiza certainly looks the part. At least. Maybe that’s why the Carmen’s dynamic debut driving through the streets of Barcelona (where the car is built) seems so appropriate. Seeing it drive past the most iconic locations of the Spanish city— La Sagrada Familia de Gaudí, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, or the Agbar Tower– it kind of looks … I dunno. Right?

Check out the photo gallery, below, as well as some video footage of the car’s maiden (public) drive. It’s almost disturbingly quiet, as all the best electric car videos are, and seems very– retrofuturistic? And that uncertainty of what to call the look of this car, exactly, kind of adds to the appeal as far as I’m concerned. What do you guys think? Is it steampunk? Art deco? Something else? Take some time to check it out then let us know what you think in the comments section.


Hispano Suiza Carmen | Photo Gallery

Hispano Suiza Carmen | Dynamic Debut Video

Source | Images: Hispano Suiza, via Motorpasion.