Tesla is well known for making great use of technology and when possible, enabling new features for cars already on the road. One very coveted feature was the ability to use the existing cameras around the vehicle to become a security feature. Called Sentry Mode, a properly equipped Tesla will automatically record from three cameras – front, left, and right – when Sentry Mode is enabled and it senses motion close to the car.

Here are some noteworthy moments captured on Tesla cameras:

1.) This tractor trailer doesn’t seem to realize how big it is and misjudges size to the determent of this Model 3:


2.) Even the drivers of very small cars aren’t always great at judging size. This innocent Tesla was also harmed:


3.) Accidental damage to your car at the hands of another is bad enough, but intentional damage is even worse. Sentry mode caught this car getting keyed:



4.) Sadly, that wasn’t the only occasion. YouTube user TesLatino breaks down his friend’s Sentry Mode footage to show a similar act of vandalism:


5.) Damage, accidental or otherwise, isn’t the only unfortunate thing that can happen to a car. A “smash and grab” robbery, whereby someone smashes a window to grab something from a vehicle, can happen in an instant. This 28 second video shows just how quickly:


6.) This smash and grab video also shows how clever these burglars think they are. Here, the rear door is opened in an apparent attempt to block the view of the act. Tesla’s cameras very clearly catch a license plate before and after:


7.) The dreaded door ding. While less invasive and minor in comparison, finding a door ding in your ride still stings. Here, the camera catches it happening:


8.) Not all footage is bad. A couple of funny, if cringe-worthy, things have been caught by Sentry Mode. Here, an admirer can’t help but tap her fingers along this Tesla:


9.) Smile for the other camera! This person decided it was fine to use someone else’s car as a backdrop for a doggy photo shoot. Click the link below to watch the whole video.

Via Reddit user: u/caz0

Stranger using a literally WEEK old Tesla for a dog photoshoot… Thanks Sentry Mode! from teslamotors


10.) Rear ending someone isn’t always your fault. This isn’t Sentry Mode but Tesla’s related dash cam feature, available while driving, captured the moment a Camaro driver intentionally caused a collision: