Once upon a time, (and some even now) other drivers on the road had no idea that the car beside them was fully electric. A clever license plate can tell you as much, make you laugh, or maybe even leave you scratching your head. It seems EV owners, and Tesla owners in particular, have a knack for thinking up clever license plates. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) The future is electric. Whether this Tesla owner thinks EVs in general, or Teslas in particular are the future, no need to guess what this plate is trying to say.

2.) Four’s a Crowd. The only thing better than a Tesla at home is…. 4? This super fan collects both Teslas and great plates for them.

3.) Tell us how you really feel. This owner definitely doesn’t miss trips to the gas station.


4.) So how do you charge? Every EV owner has been asked this a time or twenty. This owner beats them to the punch.


5.) Watt’s more fun? You may not have thought much about watts or amps before driving electric but once you do, you do.

6.) Sick burn. The color of this Roadster is fire, and the joke is on cars that still burn fossil fuels.


7.) Powered by the sun. It’s a pretty natural progression for some EV owners to add solar to their homes. Sometimes, it’s solar panel owners adding an EV. Either way, this Chevy Bolt owner gets it.

8.) Amped up. This Model X is all amps, all the time.

9.) How fast can it go? Another common question EV owners get that this owner decided to answer via plate.

10.) Quicky Googles “404 error” If you get this reference right away, you’re a bit smarter than I.


Count me in. I’m among those who wanted to let everyone know that this beauty of a car was not powered by gasoline. Most folks on the east coast were still pretty in the dark about EVs in 2014.