Which is Better? High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) or NEMA 14-50 Direct Plug

After reading about charging your Tesla with a NEMA 14-50 outlet at home you may wonder if it’s better than a HPWC. Tesla’s High Powered Wall Connector (HPWC), now referred to by Tesla simply as wall connector, does what the NEMA 14 50 set up can do: charge your car. However, the two dif...[Read More]

Tesla Valet Mode – How It Works

Elon and Co. revealed Tesla Valet Mode to the world in 2015. After reading through this thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum, I have to say it does look a bit confusing Valet. What exactly does this word mean? According to Wikipedia: “A valet (or varlet) is a male servant who serves as person...[Read More]

Top 5 Best Tesla Blogs 2019

The Internet. It’s crazy to actually stop and think about how much you spend online. What’s even crazier is that I lived a decent portion of my life without Internet access. From work to entertainment, the Internet is present in just about every facet of our lives. If you’re like m...[Read More]

Can You Buy a Tesla Golf Cart?

A short thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum got me thinking recently…can you buy a Tesla golf cart? Well, you definitely can’t from the company because they don’t make one. Ok, that was easy. Everyone go home. But seriously folks, would it be a decent business idea? Elon Musk is ...[Read More]

The Best Way to Replace Your Tesla Emblem

Car emblems. Everyone loves them. From the iconic Mercedes-Benz emblem to Ford’s logo which can be found not just on cars but clothing, stickers, and even coffee cups, there’s just something about car company emblems that car lovers of all stripes find attractive. This is especially true...[Read More]

Buying a Salvage Tesla – What You Need to Know

What would you say if I told you that you could buy a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with 6516 miles on it for $16,500? Would you call me liar? Would you beat me up and take my lunch money? Well you can, (and I would certainly hope you wouldn’t try and assault me). The practice of buying and restoring a s...[Read More]

How To Charge Your EV With A NEMA 14-50 Outlet

A favorite among early Tesla owners, installing a NEMA 14-50R outlet (“NEMA 14 50” for short) for home charging is an economical and flexible solution. The outlet itself can be had for about $9.00. Springing for a wall plate to finish the look will set you back another $3.00. Starting ea...[Read More]

Best Place to Find Certified Pre-Owned EVs

We covered the pros and cons of buying a used Model S last week. While I’m pretty sure that 99 out of 100 people would prefer to buy a new car, the reality is that most of us can’t or don’t want to afford to. In addition to (most of the time) being a bad investment, buying a new ca...[Read More]

Can You Upgrade the Battery in Your Tesla in the Future?

Range anxiety among those of us who own all-electric vehicles (EVs) is a real phenomenon as we noted here. While today’s crop of EVs are able to achieve decent ranges on a single charge, the limitations are still a challenge. The various models manufactured by Tesla Motors are hands down the i...[Read More]

5 Ways To Get A Discount On Your Tesla

We here at love all things Tesla. We love the cars. We love the mission. I (can’t really speak for my fellow writers) love the fact that Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan show and caused the company’s stock to tumble by smoking a joint. I thought it was hilarious. Then again, I don...[Read More]

How do Tesla Model X Doors Work?

When the Tesla Model X debuted in 2015, just about everyone had an opinion on the new car’s falcon wing doors. Personally, I thought they were kind of cool. Road and Track’s Chris Perkins was not so impressed at the time as he later mentioned here. I respect Mr. Perkins and his opinions,...[Read More]

An Interview with Southern California Edison’s Director of eMobility, Katie Sloan

Southern California Edison (SCE) is one of the largest electric companies in the United States. With a service area covering over 50,000 square miles, SCE provides electrical services to more than 14 million customers. We here at were lucky enough to interview SCE’s Katie Sloan recently. Ms....[Read More]

The 5 Best Tesla Mods 2019 | Performance Upgrades

Over the course of the last decade, the cars from Tesla have established themselves as serious performance machines. They’ve been tearing up drag strips from coast to coast for years and, more recently, have been setting some pretty competitive times at road courses during the TeslaCorsa event...[Read More]

Volkswagen ID.R Smashes Tianmen Mountain Record

“China Challenge” mastered – Volkswagen’s fully-electric prototype sets new benchmark on Tianmen Mountain Romain Dumas conquers the 99 hairpins on the 10.906-kilometre “Big Gate Road” in less than 8 minutes ID.R is the sportiest representative of the electric ID. family of products Another day, anot...[Read More]

Buying a Used Tesla Model S – Pros and Cons

I bought my first new car in 2003. It was a two-door Mercedes and it was beautiful. I had been in my first “real” job for about six months and figured, why not? I’m single and making decent money, I can buy a new car! While this technically may have been true, I later decided to re...[Read More]