Czech it Out: Classic Čezeta Reborn as an Electric Scooter!

The world of electric vehicles is getting bigger and bigger each day. As an EV enthusiast, that’s pretty exciting– only I’m not exactly an EV enthusiast. Or, maybe a better way of putting that is to say, “I’m not only an EV enthusiast.” I’m interested in alm...[Read More]

Road Trip! Getting there in an EV?

I’ll admit that I suffer from anxiety from time to time. While I’m not proud of this fact, I must admit that there are benefits to being overly concerned about things. I’ve never been late on my taxes. I’ve never missed my wife’s birthday or our anniversary.  I’ve...[Read More]

Supercharging for Sport

Tesla announced its one-of-a-kind, long distance, fast charging network in late 2012. Since then, the network has become so vast and far-reaching that it is nearly impossible for any one person to catch them all. Yet that hasn’t stopped some Tesla owners from trying; at least for all the charg...[Read More]

Can I Jumpstart my Electric Car?

I often joke with my wife that the only reason I keep her around is for her blood, (this is very-much a bad joke so please don’t get upset). Being Type O-Negative, she can donate to me in a pinch even though I can’t reciprocate with my inferior A-Negative blood. All this joking about blo...[Read More]

Watch a Nissan LEAF Plus Outrun a Tesla Model S

The Nissan LEAF is such a mainstream car, I often forget it’s electric. That’s a shame, really, because it’s actually a pretty great little electric car, with just a touch more range than the more popular Tesla Model 3 at a lower asking price. Compared to the bigger, even more expe...[Read More]

Ford Will Use VW Tech to Build its Electric Cars

Ford may be pushing hard to develop electric cars for China, but its efforts to bring electric cars to its traditional markets in the US and Europe have, arguably, been falling behind for years. Now however, the company is hoping to leverage its blossoming relationship with German industrial giant, ...[Read More]

Five Electric Vehicles that Failed Miserably

We have all heard of the Telsa Model 3, the Nissan Leaf, and the Chevy Volt, (some of us even own them). But have you ever heard of the Aptera Motors 2 Series, the Fisker Karma, or the Chevy S-10 EV? Unless you are a die-hard, electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast, and have been one for decades, probably...[Read More]

Bentley Celebrates 100 Years With an Electric Super Coupe

Bentley celebrates its 100th anniversary this month, and it’s been quite a century. From racing glory and “the world’s fastest lorries” at LeMans to what amounted to a rebadged Rolls-Royce in the 1970s and on to a turbocharged renaissance in 1980s, Bentley has had its share o...[Read More]

Electric Scooters Arrive in Northern Virginia!

The mid-sized City of Fairfax, VA recently announced a year-long pilot program that will allow residents and visitors to travel the streets using an electric scooter. The program was approved by the Fairfax City Council on May 14th of this year and went into effect last week. Three different scooter...[Read More]

Electric Vehicle Culture: Who are the Buyers?

2006’s Idiocracy is one of my favorite comedies of all time. In the movie, Luke Wilson plays Joe, the most average person in the world. I can sympathize with Joe. I’m pretty average myself. I live in a nice leafy suburb of Washington D.C. I have a wife and 2.5 kids that I adore and as ou...[Read More]

Video: Inside the Koenigsegg Regera Direct Drive Transmission

Christian von Koenigsegg has been called many things, but it would be hard to argue that he isn’t a visionary. The engineering coming out of the Swedish design firm that bears his name can sometimes a Tesla look like Model T, and the multi-million dollar, 1500HP Koenigsegg Regera hybrid hyperc...[Read More]

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Buyers to Get Free Charging

Harley-Davidson is betting big on a future beyond the Baby Boomers, and its new LiveWire electric motorcycle is leading the charge (see what I did there?). Whether or not the bike will be a commercial success is something that remains to be seen, of course– but it just got a big boost in the f...[Read More]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: Where are They?

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are an intriguing subject for anyone remotely interested in green technology. Several Asian car manufacturers including Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have bet big on fuel cell technology, even shunning all-electric vehicles (EVs) in favor of FCVs. Despite this move, F...[Read More]

PG&E Knew that their Power Lines were Dangerous…and did Nothing

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that California utility PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) knew that their power lines were outdated and dangerous and did nothing to repair them.  According to the Journal, “the company knew that 49 of the steel towers that carry the electrical line...[Read More]

Curtiss Zeus is a Stunning, V8 Electric Motorcycle

If you haven’t heard of Curtiss Motorcycles before, get wise– because these guys are building custom electric motorcycles that are the spiritual successors to choppers and cafe racers, but with (what I’ll call) a greater respect for technology. They are every bit the real deal, and...[Read More]