How To Reboot Your Tesla Model S

There is something to the question “have you rebooted your machine?” despite it being the butt of every joke about an IT help desk. Computers are complex machines. A simple reboot may be just the ticket to correct unusual behavior. If you have been wondering how to reboot your Tesla Mode...[Read More]

Honda Clarity Rims – Best Places to Buy Them

If you’re a car aficionado you probably look for any excuse to upgrade your ride. I can relate. If I weren’t forced to spend my money on silly things like food, clothing, and shelter, I’d be right there with you. Perhaps I just need to make more money. At any rate, rims for your wh...[Read More]

Can the Chevy Volt Factory 120v Charger Be Plugged Into 240v?

The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) that was manufactured by General Motors from 2010 to 2019. In addition to North American markets, GM also produced slightly modified versions of the Volt for Australia, China, and much of Europe. In November of 2018, Chevrolet announced that...[Read More]

Renault Zoe Service Cost: Everything You Need to Know

French automaker Renault is not on par with Ford or Toyota as a household name in the U.S. The company suspended sales of their cars in 1987 after selling its share of the American Motor Company to Chrysler. While we yanks may not have the privilege of driving one, Renault’s cars are EXTREMELY...[Read More]

Best Places to Find Tesla Model S Aftermarket Wheels

In continuing with our series, today we bring you the best places to find Tesla Model S aftermarket wheels. Having identified the best places to find Model 3 and Model X aftermarket wheels previously, we figured it was only fair. After all, we Tesla enthusiasts owe a lot to the company’s flags...[Read More]

Best BMW i3 Forums: The Top 5

Earlier in the year, we brought you lists of both the top 5 Tesla blogs and the top 5 Chevy Bolt blogs. Today we shift gears a bit and bring you the top 5 best BMW i3 forums. Since its original release in 2014, sales of BMW’s first all-electric vehicle (EV) have been growing at a nice pace. Th...[Read More]

Best Places to Find Tesla Model X Aftermarket Wheels

We brought you the best places to find Tesla Model 3 aftermarket wheels here. While we realize that the Model 3 is by far the most popular and best-selling Tesla on the market, we didn’t want Model X owners to feel left out. I’ve mentioned my love for the Model X a few times. I would lik...[Read More]

Best Places to Find Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Wheels

We brought you a list of the best places to find a spoiler for your Tesla earlier this month. Today we take a look at some of the best places to find Tesla Model 3 aftermarket wheels. Many aftermarket wheels are designed to fit several different types of car. The most expensive wheels can cost in ex...[Read More]

TeslaFi – Tesla Owners’ Favorite Features

TeslaFi is an interesting product that is often debated about on the various Tesla blogs and forums (click here for our list of the best ones). TeslaFi can provide drivers with accurate information regarding trip length, duration, elevation changes, cost of power used for the trip, and several other...[Read More]

11 Fastest Electric Bikes

In a nod to all you speed demons out there, we brought you this list of the 9 fastest electric scooters last month. Worry not electric bike enthusiasts, we didn’t forget about you. In an effort to make up for neglecting you for so long, we wanted to provide an even longer list. Here we present...[Read More]

Is the Honda Clarity Hack Worth It?

Remember the movie “Hackers” starring Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie? I do. It came out when I was 15 and I thought there was nothing cooler in the world a person could be than a computer hacker on roller-blades. Every time I see the work “Hack” I think of that movie. T...[Read More]

Best EV Charging Cable Locks

I’ve been fortunate the few times I’ve been careless with the charging cable for my beloved Nissan Leaf. I hate to admit it, but there have been times when I’ve left the charging cable on my driveway instead of storing it properly because I was late for work. And to think: any weir...[Read More]

How to Use Honda Clarity HV Mode

In 2017, Honda added two new models to its Clairity line. The all-electric vehicle (EV) Clarity is well, all-electric and gets about 89 miles of range on a single charge. Unfortunately for those of us on the East Coast of the United States, this model is only available in California and Oregon. The ...[Read More]

Where to Buy a Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

We’ve discussed the best places to buy a replacement emblem for as well as where to source parts for your Tesla in the past. Today we would like to take a look at where you can buy a Model 3 aero wheel cap kit. Adding new wheel caps to your aero wheels can improve your car’s appearance f...[Read More]

How Much It Costs to Charge Your Tesla in All 50 States

“How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?” is among the most common questions I get as a Tesla owner. My standard response of “about one third the cost of gas” is perhaps a bit oversimplified. The true answer depends largely on which model you drive and which state you live i...[Read More]